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Welcome to Ben- Shemen Youth Village



The Ben Shemen Youth Village is located in central Israel, equidistant from Jerusalem and Tel – Aviv.
Founded in 1927 by Dr. Siegfried Lehman, Ben Shemen is one of the oldest and is the largest agricultural boarding schools in Israel.
Ben Shemen encompasses three separate schools: elementary, junior high and high school and is supervised by the division of Rural Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture.


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School year Atsha"a

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Ben-Shemen Youth Village is renowned for its long tradition of student-centered education

Through the years, Ben-Shemen graduates have gone on to hold senior positions both in Israel and abroad.

In the world view of Ben-Shemen, it provides the learning, social activities, sense of community, increased Jewish identity, travel and volunteer labor. that together prepare students for their future roles inin Israeli society.


Ben- Shemen Youth Village, 73112. Please contact: Avital Aviv
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