Support Staff

Each year, the Village recruits a number of volunteers in from different frameworks, who bolster our existing staff.


IDF teachers

Shishinim, is a national program for post high school graduates who volunteer in the community for a year, before continuing on to army or national service.  In Ben Shemen, these young people assist on the farm, and work with the pupils during the afternoon hours.


IDF teachers are the four young women who are doing their army service in the Village, providing academic support to our pupils during the morning and afternoon hours.


National Service Volunteers
IDF teachers
International Volunteers

This year one young woman is working in our school.

Almost every year, the Ben Shemen Youth Village benefits from the efforts of individuals and groups from abroad who come to the Village and perform a variety of tasks from tutoring English to refurbishing buildings. During the 2014-15 school year, we are expecting six students from the MASA program who have volunteered to teach English in the Village for a year in partnership with a Ministry of Education program to train English teachers.