Athletic Programs


One of the ways in which the Ben Shemen Youth Village has found to work with promising Ethiopian pupils is to offer them opportunities to participate in academic programs that are integrated with high level athletic training. 


In 2008, the Village established a group of Ethiopian sprinters. Today twelve outstanding athletes train daily in the Ben Shemen Forest, next to the Village and once a week travel to a training session outside the Village. Over the last three years, these sprinters have exceeded all expectations and today theyhold the Israeli records for 800, 1500, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 meter sprints. One of these pupils graduated last year and currently lives in graduate housing established by the Village. He participated in the European Championships, coming in 7th and is considered a likely candidate for the 2016 Olympics.


Yamar, has been recognized by the IDF as an outstanding athlete. He is given time to participate in training at the Village on a daily basis and all of his expenses are covered by the Village.


Ben Shemen has taken upon itself the training of these young athletes, making it possible for them to train on a daily basis and participate in competitions outside the Village and for us it has been worthwhile to see how their self-esteem has improved. In parallel, all of the pupils are supported in their studies and are expected to achieve a full matriculation certificate.