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חניכים מחייכים על גבי קיר פרחים סגולים בכפר הנוער בן שמן

Keeping in touch with our community
and alumni is a priority

Community involvement

The Ben Shemen Youth Village sees community involvement as part of education for good citizenship and a leading value in social action. Education for contributing to the community, projects for populations in need are part of the social activity in the village. As part of the educational message, students volunteer in the "Latet" organization, renovate gardens in underdeveloped neighborhoods, participate in  national cleaning operations and more.

Contact with graduates

The youth village sees great importance in the relationship with its graduates, from the end of school at the end of the twelfth to the continuous contact with the veteran graduates of the village who have completed their studies in the village since its establishment. To this end, an alumni coordinator has been appointed in the village, who maintains continuous contact with the village graduates from the past decade, and the documentation room in the village maintains continuous contact with the village graduates for generations, through events, an annual newsletter, Facebook and more.

תמונה של ארבע חיילות מחייכות בכפר הנוער בן שמן

A million thanks will not suffice, you have given me a wonderful childhood, you have helped shape the person, woman and mother I am today.

Meital Brinza, Alumni

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