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Excellence Programs
The Ben Shemen Youth Village

We, at the Einstein High School, believe that the pursuit of excellence is a way of life and therefore we place emphasis on the student's personal development from his studies in the junior high school until their graduation.

Enrichment hours grade 7 

Two hours a week  the student chooses one area of enrichment that interests him/her and in which he wants to expand his knowledge. In the middle of the year, the students change their choice in order to expose them to as many areas as possible while taking full responsibility for their learning. Enrichment courses in creative writing, inventions and innovations in science, karate, health education (health trustees), female empowerment and painting are currently offered in the 7th grade.

Entrepreneurship incubator grade 9

A selection of students aiming for an excellence track. During the classes, the students are exposed to the world of startups and high-tech (biotech, agritech, autotech, fintech and more), to positions and professions in the various fields and to women in senior positions in the industry. As part of the program, students develop entrepreneurial projects with personal guidance, a work process that guides them to develop innovative ideas, personal initiative and learning a business process.

Final projects

This track combines personal empowerment with cultivating excellence and culminates in a personal research project at academic level accompanied by mentoring by a person who is an expert in the field. The scope of the work should reflect an intensive investment, equivalent to the study required for 5 point matriculation tracks. In the framework of the program, students are exposed to different academic fields and gain experience in academic writing and research. 

The  student gest to choose and research a subject meaningful to him/her a nd writing of a final project is the best possible way to complete a value based and innovative learning process.


Springboard to Academia

An agriculture program focusing on vines and wine in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This is a first of its kind pilot which will expose the students to academia and they will study vines and wine. This unique program has been developed and tailored to the needs of students in order to advance their aspirations for excellence and the completion  of their matriculation studies in agricultural sciences. The program is designed for students in excellence classes.


Personal Development and Social Involvement at Ben Shemen

In Israel, one of education's goals is "to foster involvement in Israeli society, a willingness to take upon ones' self tasks, and fulfill them with dedication and responsibility, a desire for mutual responsibility, contribution to the community, volunteering and striving for social justice in Israel" (State Education Law, 2014) . Personal Development and Social Involvement is a three year program, beginning in 10th grade, and its completion is a prerequisite for attaining a matriculation certificate.

The goals of the program are to cultivate graduates with values, who have a sense self-value and meaning, with the ability to be self-directed, who feel belonging and responsibility towards the community, and who are willing to take part in its design and construction.  The program is based on learning through service and it promotes meaningful learning through an emphasis on theoretical aspects and experiencing meaningful service in the community - in a structured process and through continued value based discourse.

The Personal Development and Social Involvement Program includes:

The theoretical dimension (teacher-student time) has 3 elements: studying in class/grade wide frameworks, mentoring and support in small groups, job training for the  practical experience aspect. Studies are integrated into regular classroom learning, exposure and focus days, seminars, basic concepts, skills and enrichment.
The practical dimension (student time) included 2 types of experiences: group practical experience - a "project" (experience in social entrepreneurship in which students show involvement, identify social needs in the community and society and provide a solution). And personal experience - experience in social involvement, according to the student's choice, mentored by the coordinator and decided upon jointly.
In 12th grade, students can decide to continue in this excellence track and to receive a "social" matriculation certificate. Requirements include presenting a final project which incudes analysis of the multi-year practical dimension and a personal reflection. The student must also pass an eligibility committee which  approves the process.


In our school:

Every year, more than twenty 12th graders graduate with honors in the social matriculation certificate.

MASALA project - an educational project that culminates in a social run for the 10th grade, aimed at raising awareness and eradicating the phenomenon of violence against boys, girls and women.

About 25% of 12th grade graduates attend a pre-military preparatory or year of service programs.

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