Academic Support


The Village operates a learning center – PELE – an acronym for the “quality learning project”. The center provides more than a hundred weekly individual tutoring sessions according to the pupils’ needs.  Many of the children arrive with significant educational gaps.  These children are provided personal tutoring to ensure that they catch up with their classmates and are able to learn with their class.  At the same time, children who excel at their studies, receive an academic tutor who assists them in preparing for high level national matriculation exams.  In addition, some of our students begin their undergraduate studies while still enrolled in our high school.



Emotional Support


Many of the children and youth who board at Ben Shemen are at high risk; they come from poor and damaged families and they often are sent to Ben Shemen after having been traumatized. As a result, many have emotional difficulties that affect their educational and social functioning, and that prevent them from attaining their potential. The treatment unit employs a multi-professional team which includes a psychologist, social workers, therapists (art, animal, psycho-drama, and drama therapy), and student interns.The goal of the Treatment Unit, is to assist in the pupils’ development as individuals and to promote their welfare. Included in this task is prevention and empowerment as well as treatment and support.


The professional team is constantly upgrading its schools, and recently completed a two year course in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Our treatment centers also play and important role, and the pictures below are from Beit Sonia, our therapeutic treatment center, recently renovated by the Peres family in Sonia's memory.