Enrichment Programs


Being in school not only involves classroom learning. The Einshtein High School at the Ben Shemen Youth Village is pleased to offer its pupils a variety of extra-curricular activities that involve experiential learning.


Playing bridge helps improve memory and concentration skills and provides our pupils with an intellectual challenge. Our 7th graders play bridge on a weekly basis and participate in national bridge competitions.


This is one of the focuses of the 7th grade curriculum. Taught over the course of the year, the highlight of the program is an evening with the parents where the pupils present their work and enjoy together with their parents a cultural culinary evening.

Trip to Poland

The Ministry of Education encourages Israeli pupils to visit the remnants of the Jewish communities in Poland, and the concentration camps established by the Nazis and their collaboraters. Students from the Ben Shemen Youth Village participate in the March of the Living on a biennial basis. The delegation consists of boys and girls in 11th and 12th grade, who have demonstrated seriousness, appropriate behavior, responsibility, and willingness to be representative, as expected of pupils participating in these delegations. Delegations are accompanied by educators from all branches of the Village – the school, the boarding school and the farm.


Before the trip pupils participate in a 14 part journey in preparation which includes, information about Poland before and after the Holocaust, visits to Yad Vashem, and much more.


In March 2013, 51 pupils in grades 11th and 12th, participated in the March of the Living in Poland. This is the largest group of students that the Village has ever sent on this trip. This is the third year Ben Shemen has participated in this event and the first year we had more than one bus. All of the expenses for the trip were covered by the Ministry of Education and alumni contributions. The pupils were in Poland for one week, and returned overwhelmed and with very real and deep feelings for our country and our people.