Giving Back

At Ben Shemen, we believe in giving back to society and that our actions provide a role model for our children.

The Village is currently involved in two such projects on an ongoing basis.

Alut – Day and Employment Center

Alut is an organization that works for the benefit of autistic children and young adults in Israel.

The Alut Day and Employment Center was established in Ben Shemen, after Dov Ofer, the father of autistic twins, turned to Dr. Ilana Tischler the Director General of Ben Shemen when he was looking for an employment solution in a rural setting for his boys. Dr. Tischler, thought the concept of an employment center for autistic young people in the Village was an excellent idea and was willing to contribute an appropriate space to house the Center. 

The Alut Day and Employment Center at the Ben Shemen Youth Village, answers the need for young people on the autistic spectrum, over the age of 21, for rehabilitative employment.  A personal plan is created for each participant based on his or her needs, abilities, and talents, and participants receive services from counselors, professionals, and a variety of therapists.

Participants are offered an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and workshops that advance their cognitive abilities, life skills, and activities of daily living.

Kanfei Ruach

Kanfei Ruach is an organization that provides individual and professional mentoring for people with disabilities from the age of 8.  Its activities create a supportive and enjoyable environment for its participants.

Kanfei Ruach believes that the experience of mentoring a disabled person is as important for the mentor as the mentee.

The Ben Shemen Youth Village hosts Kanfei Ruach activities on a regular basis during school vacations and Village facilities have been adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Our pupils volunteer and are integrated into Kanfei Ruach activities.  In the future, we hope to integrate Kanfei Ruach participants into our agricultural activities.