Human Resource Development

At Ben Shemen, human resources are one of our greatest assets, and effective use of these resources is a key to our success.  Development of these human resources in today’s complex institutional/organizational environment requires both finding the right professionals and dedicating the time needed.


Darca is a network of high schools established by the Rashi Foundation in partnership with Alliance-KIAH. Darca enjoys the support of the Ministry of Education and has an advisory public council comprising leading educators, intellectuals and social activists from among the top echelons of Israeli society.

The driving idea behind the founding of this network was to strengthen the schools in Israel’s geo-social periphery and support them on their way to becoming high quality institutions of post-primary education. The Darca network caters to Israel’s highly diverse communities, with the aim of strengthening the country’s social fabric. 


Darca combines quality education with advanced educational methods, a learning environment that encourages curiosity and exploration, and educational work based on imparting social values of leadership and responsibility to the community.

Staff Training

Each year our staff training focuses on a different area.  This year all of the staff of the boarding school are participating in group facilitation training offered by “Gishot”.  Last year, the training focused on dealing with addictions.

Professional Training

All of our professional employees receive training in their fields.  This year one of our employees was sent for professional training in hatchery management.