Renovations and Improvements

December 2014

Two of our dormitories have been totally refurbished thanks to grants from the Ministry of Education and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.   The refurbishments included both physical upgrades and new furniture.  Two additional groups also received new furniture.

At the High School

December 2014

We dedicated Charlie’s Corner, in memory of Charlie Zarka, creating a place for pupils to gather during recess. A new library is in the process of being completed and we have renovated additional classrooms, all thanks to contributions of Village friends and graduates.

Mark your calendars

December 2014

On December 29, 2014 at 16:00 we will be celebrating the opening of our art gallery which is sponsored by Leah Michelson.

At School

December 2014

The Curriculum for the 2014-15 was adjusted in order to meet the new guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and new teachers were hired to assist us in these efforts.

The middle school and high school have new principals.  We are pleased to welcome Dafna Barel to our staff, and congratulate Yaniv Tes on his promotion.  Dr. Oshra Alfasi continues to be the headmaster for the entire school.

Agricultural news

December 2014

We are proud to share with you that our first and second crops of chickens raised in the new chicken house have flown the coop, and we are now raising a third crop.


December 2014

We are pleased to share with you that 10% of our 2014 graduates have chosen to either attend Mechina or participate in a year of service before assuming their army duties.

Extra-curricular activities

December 2014

This year we are able to offer our pupils tens of extra-curricular activities thanks to the generosity of Mr. Chaim Saban, Neviot, Omrix, Bank Discount, I.B.M, and Nesher and the assistance of the Education Ministry’s Administration for Rural Education and Youth Immigration.

Best Wishes for a Hanukkah Sameach!

December 2014

Pay It Forward

July 2014

Ben Shemen is entering its first-ever fundraising campaign, to help the Village ensure continuous funding, making us less dependent on government funding, and allowing us to expand activities and programs, ensure the children’s basic needs, and renovate our facilities many of which are in need long overdue attention.

The Knesset Salutes Youth Villages and Boarding Schools

July 2014

A special event, sponsored by MK Amiram Mitzna in cooperation with the Public Forum for Youth Villages and the Administration for Rural Education, Ministry of Education was held on January 20th, 2014, at the Israeli Knesset, to salute youth villages in Israel.The goal of the event was to raise awareness to the added value and importance of youth villages and boarding school educational frameworks, while recognizing and acknowledging their dedicated employees, pupils and graduates.

Registration for the 2014-15 School Year

July 2014

We are in the midst of registration for the next school year and happy to announce the opening of our soccer academy for 7th graders, and our judo activities to be led by the past European champion Arik Ze’evi.

The International Program

July 2014

The Ben Youth Village has opened its gates for young Jews from the Diaspora. 

Seven of Our Ethiopian Pupils Participated in Pilot’s Course

July 2014

At the initiative of a very special person, Izzy Cana’an and the Yealim organization, Ethiopian youth are learning how to fly with the generous assistance of fighter pilots and the Rishon LeTzion airport.  

The Ilan and Assaf Ramon Memorial “Breakthrough” Competition

July 2014

In the framework of the Ilan and Assaf Ramon Memorial “Breakthrough” Competition, young entrepreneurs compete for the privilege of representing Israel at the Singularity University summer program. 

FIRST International Robotics Competition for High School Pupils

July 2014

The FIRST project encourages young people to be the science and technology leaders of tomorrow, through an innovative program that provides inspiration for science, engineering and technology.

Four Meetings of Peacemakers were held with Youth from Jericho and Nablus

July 2014

Parent Meetings

July 2014

Holidays and Celebrations

July 2014

For our Purim party, each groups of pupils picked a theme for their costumes.  

New Volunteers

July 2014

Omrix  has begun to adopt our junior high school ...

At the Einstein High School

December 2013

It is with great pleasure we welcome Ms. Oshra Alfasi as the new principal. 

The Boarding School

Our boarding facilities are full.  We have 420 pupils boarding full time, and another 25 in our day program (children at risk who receive all of their meals, etc. at the Village but sleep at home).

The Children's Home

December 2013

We began the year with an important and exciting event.  The opening of “Beit Adelis” a new building for 36 children contributed by the Adelis Foundation.  

Alumni Activities

December 2013

Thanks to alumni 93 year old Yitzchak Razin, our clubs are undergoing a much needed renovation.  The process which began two years ago, has so far has included 3 clubs, for which Mr. Razin has found contractors and funded the renovations.

Jewish Communities Around the World

December 2013

Our new soldier’s home was inaugurated in November 2013.  This new caravan was made possible by a generous donation from the Jewish Federation of Richmond, and we were please to host Federation CEO Sam Asher at the dedication.

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What's New at the Ben Shemen Youth Village - December 2014

What's New at Ben Shemen December 2013

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