Our Dreams

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Boarding School Offices

Our boarding staff is there for the children 24/7.  We would like to upgrade their offices and give them the work space they deserve.  Cost of the project - 250,000 NIS


The Village operates a learning center – PELE – an acronym for the “quality learning project”. The center provides more than a hundred weekly individual tutoring sessions according to the pupils’ needs.  Children are provided personal tutoring to ensure that they catch up with their classmates and are able to learn with their class.  Children who excel in their studies work with an academic tutor who assists them in preparing for high level national matriculation exams
Cost: 100 NIS per hour
Need: 1000 hours

Athletic scholarships

Ben Shemen’s sports programs attract pupils who might not otherwise choose to continue their schooling and attain a matriculation certificate.  Although fees are on a sliding scale, some of our pupils still need financial assistance.
Cost: 5000 NIS per pupil
Need: 20 pupils

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Employee Housing:

Ben Shemen has a dedicated staff, many of whom grew up in the Village, and all of whom are required to live directly on our campus.  Unfortunately, neither the Ministry of Education or any other source, provides funding for the maintenance and upgrading of these apartments, many of which were built in the 1950s and 60s.
The proposed renovations include upgrading, the kitchens, bathrooms, windows and stairwells, in 10 apartments.
Cost:     10,000 NIS Kitchen x10
    10,000 NIS bathroom X 10
    2000 NIS per window X 20
    18,000 NIS per stairwells x 10

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is located in the physical center of the Village.  It is used for Village events, plays, movies, music ensembles, lectures, ceremonies and more.  The building, built in the 1970’s, needs a significant renovation in order to meets today’s standards including addressing safety, security and accessibility issues as well as providing it with permanent seating, acoustical equipment, changing rooms, etc.
Renovation cost: 4,000,000 NIS

The Children’s Agricultural Village - Dairy

Ben Shemen has a strong attraction as a tourist site due to its agricultural history, historic buildings and the activities it has to offer.  The dairy now being established, will offer a variety of activities related to milk and cheese production.  Village pupils will be involved in guiding and providing demonstrations to visitors of different ages and in different languages.
Total cost: 587,000 NIS
Funding needed: 227,000

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