The School

The high school period is the time young people develop their aspirations for the future and gain the knowledge and skills that for fulfilling these aspirations. The opportunities and dreams to which the students are introduced at the village play a major role in shaping their personal vision for a better future. Read more...

The Farm

At Ben Shemen, the farm, is an integral part of the Village. The Farm is maintained entirely by Ben Shemen pupils and the coordinators of the different branches. All students at the High School take a 5 point matriculation exam in one of four agricultural subjects, dairy farming, gardening, stable management,  and landscaping or crop management.


After School


Our experience shows that children who are involved in enrichment activities, have more self-confidence and as they are involved, they are less likely to misbehave, are move valued by their peers, are more likely to find friends with similar interests, and more. Even more interesting, is that their success in these various activities is reflected in improved educational achievements in school. Read more...

Emotional and Academic Support


Many of the children and youth who board at Ben Shemen are at high risk; they come from poor and damaged families and they often are sent to Ben Shemen after having been traumatized. As a result, many have emotional difficulties that affect their educational and social functioning, and that prevent them from attaining their potential.


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