The Ben Shemen Einshtein Family Presents and Evening of Successes

On Tuesday, March 1, 2017 the school put on its fanciest clothes in honor of Ben Shemen's 90th anniversary; 90 years of action was reflected in the respect and homage paid to the Village.

You honored us with your presence: school supervisors, district supervisors, parents, Village employees, and many, many others.

The students and school staff presented educational endeavors that filled every corner of the school. Through the monopoly game created by the special education class around Ben Shemen, a trip to Ben Shemen's past and the local "slick", treatment cards, a high quality theater performance, video clips, biological and agricultural research, comics and an integrated exposition, from instrumental enrichment to the escape rooms on the topics of genetics and Ben Shemen's 90 year anniversary and much, much more...what was evident was the significant learning that provided

each and every student a stage on which to display how they excel.

Success does not go to you, you go to it/Marva Collins


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