The Ben Shemen Youth Village Celebrates 90

On Thursday May 25, 2017, almost 5000! graduates and friends met at Ben Shemen to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Ben Shemen. The event, began with a reunion that was organized by Amutat Aviv - the Amuta of Ben Shemen Graduates and Friends led by Zvi Erez, Omri Maron, Rafi Yosefson, Shoshana Diskin, and Ilana Shoshan, just to mention a few who took an active role.

In different corners of the Village, graduates met to exchange memories, catch up and have their pictures taken. For these thousands of people Ben Shemen remains their home.

Unfortunately, Shimon Peres z"l, did not live to see this day, but his legacy was part of the event. Among its graduates Ben Shemen counts Shulamit Aloni z"k, Professor Kamil Fuches, past MK Shalom Simchon, the young singer Liron Danino and many others.

The reunion lasted for three hours and from their participants joined the main event which included historical presentations, an agricultural exhibit and of course a grand stage production.

For all the pictures - click here!


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