“Achari” Hanukah Outdoor Training Session

Acharai is an army preparation program. The following is a letter from the Acharai Coordinator to Kali, the Director of the Boarding Program.

Dear Kali,

The Ben Shemen students participated in an exhausting 3-day march. During this march they dealt with cold, little sleep, rousting, and carrying stretchers for 14km. They oriented, participated in IDF day, a day about exclusive army units, and more. Most importantly, they became a group, they experienced success and they met challenges.

It is important to tell you that your students met these challenges like champions and there is not question that it is a great honor to be part of their education and to educate the next generation.

We make every effort to maximize every moment we have with the students, at all times, and we would be very happy to hear the students feedback regarding the training session in particular and are ongoing activities in general.

It was wonderful meeting you during the march (thank you for hot pitot), and I will thank you here for your dedication and your wonderful cooperation.

Looking forward to seeing you during our next outdoor training session.

Eli, Boarding Program Coordinator, Acharai


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