Special Academic Programs


A range of educational programs are implemented in the village to answer the different needs of our students. We are committed to offering a variety of up-to-date study options under the best possible conditions. In recent years, 65% of our graduates have attained full matriculation certificates.

Science Oriented Youth
Budding Einsteins

This is an excellence program for new immigrants from the FSU.  The program includes participation in many of the excellence programs mentioned on this page as well as instruction in Russian language and intensive study in physics.

In conjunction with Bar Ilan University's Division for Science Activities for Youth, the Village cultivates and promotes science education for youth. The program provides 15 young students with fascinating challenges, introduces them to the world of science, enriches and expands their knowledge, and exposes them to scientific research in an academic environment. The program is coordinated by the National Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Education for Youth, and is supported by the Science and Technology Administration and the Division for Science Activities for Youth at the Israeli Board of Education.

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Agricultural Research

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Volcani Institute, a number of our pupils are involved in biology, physics and agricultural research. In addition the village grows chickpeas, wheat and more for the research and experimental purposes for the some of the largest companies in Israel.