The School

The high school period is the time young people develop their aspirations for the future and gain the knowledge and skills that for fulfilling these aspirations. The opportunities and dreams to which the students are introduced at the village play a major role in shaping their personal vision for a better future. The Einshtein High School at the Ben Shemen Youth Village enrolls 460 pupils from 7-12th grades, 360 who board, and 100 who commute. Pupils at the school enjoy personal attention, and the school builds an educational program for each pupil; a program that exploits pupil’s talents and answers their needs. 

The school also provides for each student a significant adult who follows their progress and helps the student achieve their objectives. A well known, agricultural school, at Ben Shemen all of the students at Ben Shemen study either dairy farming, stable management, gardening and landscaping or crop management. In addition, Ben Shemen also offers matriculation programs in a variety of topics including art, biology, physical education, technology, social sciences, computers, Russian language, and research. Our high school enrolls pupils with the potential of achieving full matriculation as well as pupils for whom preparing the life is an immense accomplishment.

Special Academic Programs

A range of educational programs are implemented in the village to answer the different needs of our students. We are committed to offering a variety of up-to-date study options under the best possible conditions. In recent years, 65% of our graduates have attained full matriculation certificates. Find out more...

Athletic Programs

One of the ways in which the Ben Shemen Youth Village has found to work with promising Ethiopian pupils is to offer them opportunities to participate in academic programs that are integrated with high level athletic training. 


Enrichment Activities

Being in school not only involves classroom learning. The Einshtein High School at the Ben Shemen Youth Village is pleased to offer its pupils a variety of extra-curricular activities that involve experiential learning.